Pretending to be Bougie at Milan

For our last city in Italy, my brother and I stopped by Milan before we headed off to Switzerland. If I had a few words to describe Milan, it would be "bougie af". If you love fashion and high-end clothing then you'll love it there. I have a few "scientific" ways of figuring out how high-class a place is: the store names, location, and how well-dressed the employees are. If the store names rhyme with Prada, Louis Vuitton or Gucci or sound so sophisticated that you can't pronounce it then you're probably in a very high-end location. If people come to the mall just to take photos, then that's also a sign. And lastly, if the employee standing by the entrance is dressed better than you will ever be on your own wedding, then for sure you're in a bougie place. Galerria Vittorio Emmanuelle definitely checked all three signs of my full-proof bougie litmus test.