Speeding through some of west Switzerland

My brother and I were lucky enough that our cousins live in Montreux, Switzerland so we paid them a visit a few days before heading back. 3 days definitely wasn't enough, even with the speed we went through. We were able to hit the castle and cheese factory in Gruyere, then got high on sugar at the Cailler Nestle factory. We headed to Lucerne and walked around Chapel Bridge, then to Bern where we walked around the downtown area. The next day we walked around Geneva,  drove by the MUN building, had lunch at the Nestle office and ended things off at Chateau de Chillon. 

I was surprised of how clean, modern and expensive it was at Switzerland. Rules there also seemed very strict. The Alps were amazing, the lakes were serene, and the castles reminded me of my love of Runescape. 10/10 would go back again. Check out more of Switzerland here.