Survived Another Bay to Breakers

The first rule of Bay to Breakers: There are no rules.

That was my first impression of the annual SF run last year where I was quickly flashed by nudes and crazy drunk men and women. I was introduced to really creative, weird, even sadistic costumes. I have also never seen people struggle so hard to finish a 7 mile run while being highly intoxicated.

Yet, despite the crazy experiences I had in Bay to Breakers last year, I ended up going to this year's run as well. Surprisingly, things were a bit more tame. Although the dick count was a lot higher this year, the event seemed to be more strict and organized. I even saw the police doing a sobriety test during the run! Though the excitement of chaos and mayhem can definitely be enjoyable, I definitely felt safer "running" this year, while at the same time still enjoyed the diverse and lively spirit of San Francisco.