Camminando in Firenze

You can't say you've been to Italy without going to Florence, so my brother and I spent 3 days visiting the main attractions in the city. Florence is surprisingly compact, almost all the sights are within 2-3 miles from each other. Walking around was fairly easy and we were able to hit most of the most famous spots without our legs falling off. The most amazing spot was Piazza del Duomo-- the cathedral is massive! We also spent some time at Ponte Vecchio during sundown strolling around and watching street musicians. The musicians at Italy are very talented; those were the only times I gave a street performer my spare change. David at the Accademia was surprisingly huge, in all aspects. Seeing Primavera and Birth of Venus by Botticelli helped satisfy my old high school art history student cravings. You can see more of my photos of Florence here!